Day 1: Clicking Restart

IMG_4689.pngCall it a mid-life crisis…a quarter-life crisis…or call it whatever you want but just weeks before my big 3-0 I found myself croushing over, hyperventilating, as cold sweat bubbles  formulated around my hairline.

Is this really it?!
Am I actually, really turning 30?!
What have I done with my life?!
Is it all enough?!

I couldn’t help but stop and reflect on the last 29 years of my life,  wondering if I had truly lived enough, laughed enough, or even loved enough. I was shocked to find myself saying no to all those questions… and the many other ones that came thereafter. So here I was, just moments away from a mental breakdown when I decided that if there was ever going to the be “right” time for me to start over, this was going to have to be it. I was turning 30 after all, and there was never going to be a better year, or a better moment, to just simply pluck myself out of my world and literally just CLICK restart.

Let’s rewind for a second; Ever since I was a little girl I always imagined myself living in the big city, pursuing my career as writer, and well simply put, being extraordinary! Never did I think that 29 years later, I’d still be living in this no-name of a city just simply co-existing. Somewhere in the midst of trying to be extraordinary, I somehow just ended up being ordinary. Where did I go wrong?

So, I decided to quit. To quit on my unhappiness, to quit on my negativity, to quit on my excuses, and to quit on my procrastination. Right there and then, I decided to quit on my current life and spend the next 365 re-writing a better one!

via Daily Prompt: Shock

20 thoughts on “Day 1: Clicking Restart

      • I think life in general is made of ups and down. Sometimes great things happen and sometimes horrible things happen, It never seems to stop and everyone I know goes through both. I suppose it all depends on how a person chooses to handles it.

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      • I couldn’t agree more. I’m a strong believer in fate and destiny and that was meant for you wasn’t meant for anyone else. This includes the tragedies as well, but it is what we make of what is destined for us!

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