Day 3: Conveyor of Life

And so, there I was, staring at the staircase of my future.

Instead of reporting to my new office building, I found myself at the doorsteps of head office, frozen in fear, envisioning that figurative master piece of a conveyor belt that now physically appeared in front of me. I felt the globus sensation thickening in my throat, the stiff knot in my stomach, and the conundrum air bubble over my head as I stood there aroused and perplexed.

The last year had been a roller coaster of a ride; An amusement type that strapped my Life into the harness of an open seat. As it slowly elevated upwards on that railroad track, I carefully listened to that click-click-click-click of each anticipated heightened step to that steep slope: my hands clenched terrifyingly tight to His, my eyes wide-open in that front row-seat, my view fixated on the sun setting across the horizon, and yet every part of me knew I was safe. I was ready for that rush at that edge.

And even though I gave permit to my Life I couldn’t  truly ever see the height, the summit, or the abrupt impetuous threshold of that edge — no matter how much I prepared myself from the sight down below, it was nothing until I was strapped in,  placing the beat of my fears in Faith & Hope.

Because that is all you can really do. You can only hold on tight and believe that that thin strap holding your pelvic in place is strong enough to keep you safe through the twists and turns that you have permitted your Life to take. Because that is the destructive beauty of Life. You can try to prepare yourself mentally, physically, and spiritually for what Life has to offer you, and the twisted turns that come its way, but if you don’t have Faith, Hope, and well Trust on your side, then you have nothing — because we all must blindly trust in that who has safely engineered the ride of our Life.

Snapchat-1527197441171027917And even though from below I had envisioned the tight turns, the steep slopes, and every element of each inversion of this roller coaster long before the drop, the view from the top was still mind-bendingly Shakespearean.

And if I could, I do it all over again.
The ride was worth the view.

via Daily Prompt: Permit

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