Well, hello there and welcome to The Quest. I am the original Makz.Quest, the creator of this personal growth blog. I’m here to share my story in hopes that I can coach you into becoming the best version of yourself for you and your own quest….because you & I are the heart of this blog!

The love that I had for writing manifested within me when I was a young teen. Whenever I felt the world was weighing down on me, I turned to writing to elevate myself; to exhale my thoughts on lined pieces of paper that could not judge me, criticize me, or guilt trip me into the feeling of pain. Writing to me was a method of expression, in my own artistic form, in which I can be fully naked and alone without any pre or post judgement — just me, that paper, and that pen in solitude. I can expose my truth, my thoughts, my life… get it all out of my head… in hopes that once it was all out I can then shut the book on it and move on.  It was my own self-therapy during the darkest and twisted times of my life. I owe my life to that paper, to that pen, and to that solitude.

Last August, the summer of 2018, I decided to take the biggest leap in my life and quit on my career in education – a career that I spent almost 10 years working in – to start this. I was turning 30 and I had hit one of the hardest road blocks in my life; I lost all control. I lost myself. I lost my footing. I started to spiral into a great depression that triggered my anxiety that knocked the wind out of me. So I turned to my own therapy: I turned to that paper, to that pen, to that solitude.

That same summer I had just finished reading The Alchemist, a book that forever changed my life. From it I learned that everything in life is “maktoob” and that “when you want something all the universe will conspire in helping you achieve it.” So I quit my career and booked a flight to the Great Pyramids of Egypt in hopes of finding my truth, of finding my personal treasure, by trusting myself to the Soul of the Universe in hopes that I can rebirth myself into the best version I can be – because at the end of the day we are all just shepherds.

I didn’t know then what this blog would turn into. My quest, this quest, the Makz.Quest, has shown me that I can still be an educator, that I can still change lives and shape minds; that we are all teachers and students in our own right, in the classroom of Life. I started this for me, and now I continue it for you.

Here you’ll find:

  • The Quest – Life is a story & I’m making mine a bestseller. Follow my quest through the next 365 days & turn yours into one too;
  • Creative Cognition – A selection of creative narrative pieces of life through my lens;
  • Life CoachEmpowering you to reach your fullest potential by living a quality life;
  • Storyteller – Motivational Speaker;

More about me:

I’m 30 and living my best life. I have a phobia against the color orange, it makes me cringe. I love bright colors that remind me of the sun on my skin, and I always find a reason to smile & laugh. I have a Bachelors (Honors) in English Language & Literature, that I followed up with a Bachelors in Education. I’m currently wrapping up my Masters in Educational Leadership in hopes of obtaining my Central Office & Administration Certification. My love for writing & literature helped me to quickly rise at a young age into the English Departmental Head, in which I had the opportunity to write and re-write the English curriculum for middle-high school while simultaneously trying to be a leader that was able to inspire & motivate my team to success. I fell in love with education because I wanted to change the world by shaping the minds of our young people so that they can be the best version of their self for themselves. My mission in life is to leave my footprint in this world, to have a positive impact on others, so that we can live more peacefully in a peaceful world.

I want to be a superhero in my own right.

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