As an adult, I’ve realized the importance of being a life-long learner that is committed to being woke. Life has aspired me to inspire others by giving motivational real-talks, about the real world, so we can get real together. Through the years this has naturally turned me into a storyteller.

As an educator, I wanted to motivate and inspire my kids (a.k.a students) to be the best version of themselves by working with them, guiding them, and empowering them. Working in urban school districts such as Detroit, you realize that you could potentially be that difference for that kid — the difference between a jail cell or a high school diploma.

So here I am, telling my own stories in hopes of changing someone else’s story line, for the better. This includes:

  • Individual Talks (one-on-one pep talks)
  • Group Talks
  • Themed Talks
    • Motivational & authentic talks
    • How to put the pieces of your life back together
    • Let’s get woke!
    • How to get motivated: The vision for yourself
    • Roadblocks are just another plot twist
    • What’s the meaning of Life?
    • What’s the point of love?
    • Motivating our students/children to be 21st century learners
    • Other
  • Guest Speaker