Day 5: Submission

For days now I had been contemplating how deep I should get with this piece. For days now I’ve written and re-written this piece in hopes that I could paint you the perfect picture. But I have come to realize that there is no right way to explain it, the same way that I am … Continue reading Day 5: Submission

Day 2: Candid Chains

It was a hot and shrewd early August morning. I remember waking up knowing, instinctively, that today was going to be the day that I was going to take the largest leap of my life. As I got into my car, geared with a hot brew of coffee ready to tackle on another school year … Continue reading Day 2: Candid Chains

The Prologue

Thirty. Thirrrrr-tyyyy. Thirty? Thirty! 30. No matter what way I write it. It still sounds exactly the same. I… am…. thirty. As the months, weeks, days, minutes, seconds and - well even milliseconds -  were winding down to my final farewell of my 20s, I knew that I was going to be entering one of … Continue reading The Prologue